Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Had a very sad week last week as I had to have my cat Jerry put down as he had a tumor. He was a good friend and a great character and he will be sorely missed.
I went skiing with my two kids for a few days last week at a place called Argentiere which is near Chamonix and Susannah booked it.My son William tried to kill me on the first day as he is like me in that he is pretty quick and completely reckless so we go a good gallop! Where as Matilda is like her mother and has a lot more finesse and style.Anyway I made it through the week although my back is killing me.
We don't have many in until the end of the week when we hope to take three up to Aintree. We have American Gigolo in the novice hurdle, Gowanauthat over the big ones in The Topham and Some Kinda Lama in either the novice or the handicap.
It was my birthday yesterday and the thing that really made it for me was to know that I share it with Coleen Rooney!
We have got a lot of interest in The 25 Club and will start buying the four horses next month so anyone interested in joining must let me know fairly soon to avoid disappointment.

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