Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Have been in the hot tub an awful lot lately both entertaining and for medicinal purposes it really does pay its way. In fact I think that anyone who doesn't have one is mad and you don't have to be able to swim to enjoy it!
We had a very jolly lunch in the Queens on Thursday with Andy and Ned McLafferty, Bill Brindle and Paul Meakin which ended up quite a late one! The next day I was driven up to Aintree by Kate who is not only a very good driver but also a very good looking bird . We had a very good lunch and looked round the course.
I ran two horses there American Gigolo who ran a cracker in a Grade 1 novice hurdle and Gowanauthat who sadly got brought down in The Topham but luckily was okay.We were hoping to run Some Kinda Lama on the Saturday but he got balloted out by one which was frustrating as he also got balloted out of Cheltenham!
We watched The National on Saturday which was as always a great spectacle to see and no horses or jockeys hurt for the fifth consecutive year so they must be doing something right.
Have started riding out again this week and I must say I feel pretty good may get my jockeys licence back!
'I am your master,'I commanded, 'You will obey my rules.' She rolled her eyes and just walked out of my shed. That was it - I definitely needed to get a new cat!

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