Friday, 4 December 2015

Seventh Sky

We schooled Seventh Sky over the National fences on Thursday morning and Mr Big kept him company. I wasn't sure what to expect, but he was brilliant and it really lit him up. So much so that Gavin Sheehan couldn't pull him up! So on the back of that, he runs tomorrow at Aintree in the Grand Sefton, over the National fences and we will see what happens!

The weather has been better today. We took the horses up the grass which they all enjoyed. The Jockey Club have built a new schooling facility, so we took Mr Big up there with Shane on board and jumped all the fences. It is a good facility and a big asset for young horses who are learning to jump. I think Mr Big quite enjoys being a performing monkey!!!!

It has been a fairly quiet week this week as we ran a lot of runners last week. We only have Seventh Sky in at the weekend, but we will get busier next week and have just made entries for Dukes Den, Ephraim and My Anchor.

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