Tuesday, 7 February 2017

We have had a very quiet time lately mainly through lack of horses which is frustrating as we are having a good season. I am trying to get the numbers up for next season and I have launched The 25 Club with the intention of buying four nice horses that can compete at a decent level.We have had a fair bit of interest and anyone that would like a brochure just drop us a line.
We should get a bit busier soon as we worked a lot more horses last week and one or two of them may get entries next week.
I stayed with my brother Robbie at the weekend as it was our sister Victoria's 50th and we all got together at Horncliffe to celebrate. It all went really well and we came back down the A1 with a serious headache.
A lot of people did a dry January which I've never understood as it's the most miserable month of the year and I can't understand why anyone would want to make it even more miserable!
Doing very well on the women front right now and if my business was going as well as that I would be giving Paul Nicholls a run for his money!

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