Monday, 27 February 2017

Had a bit of a panic last week as I was peeing blood and when I googled it I learned that either my kidneys had packed up or I had cancer both of which I might die from! So in a bit of a state I got an appointment with a doctor in Lambourn who told me to bring a sample down.I didn't have a test tube so I put my sample in a champagne flute with some cling film on the top.I walked into the surgery waiting room and half of Lambourn were sitting there wanting to know what I had come in for so I told them it was nothing serious but I did get some funny looks as I was clutching my champagne flute! I eventually saw the Doctor who put a litmus paper into my sample and said it looked OK. She then asked me if I had eaten any beetroot and realising  that I had I felt like a real plonker!
We had a few runners last week and I think Some Kinda Lama was a little unlucky not to win as he was a fast finishing 2nd. We ran Morney Wing in The Eider and he never got put in the race which was disapointing as we had layed him out for the race quite a while ago.
We have a few entries this week and could do with a winner as we've had a lot of 2nds lately and it would be nice to go one better.
Everyone is getting geared up for Cheltenham and all the last trial races have been run so the picture is getting a bit clearer as to what races which horses will run in. Poor old Barry Geraghty is not going to make it as he had a horrible fall on Saturday at Kempton and broke some ribs and punctured a lung. As the whole year is geared for those four days in March it must be very frustrating for him.

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