Monday, 30 January 2017

We are getting a bit bored as we haven't got anything to run right now.I got back from a break to Thailand last Tuesday and was standing on the gallops the next day when it was -6 thinking why didn't I stay another week.
The cold weather has  stopped and we now have the rain which is making the ground very testing.II watched some very good racing from Cheltenham on Saturday but the whole day was marred by the death of Many Clouds which really brings to home what wonderful brave creatures we look after in our business.We all used to see him on the gallops every day with his regular rider Nathan onboard and I suppose we just took it for granted that he would be there every day.Its a very up and down game we are in and it's tragic for everyone involved with 'Clouds' but as Oliver Sherwood said this morning on the gallops 'life goes on' and he is absolutely right as it does!
I have sent out some brochures for our new club (The 25 Club) and have had a very positive response so far. So hopefully we can buy four nice horses in the spring for the club to go to war with next season and run in the better races.
All the horses are well and cantering away so should start getting busy in about two weeks.

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