Friday, 19 February 2016

A busy weekend ahead...

Caroline and I had a big shop on Monday at Homebase and Dunelm.. We bought lots of stuff for the house. Bridal Suite ran at Plumpton, but he didn't want to know, so he will be going to Ascot sales on Tuesday. James, Charles and Heather Main called in for a drink; I hadn't seen Charles for a very long time. Caroline cooked the most delicious haggis for supper and Gary joined us for supper as he has been painting my house for the last week.

We had Max Chenery in on Tuesday and he rode Morney Wing. Robert Tompkins popped in to see his horse. We picked up my other sister, Victoria, from Newbury station and went off for another shop in Dunelm. John and Veronica Thorneloe came over to sign some papers for the Military race. We all had supper at Susannah and my children's house.

I rode work first lot on Wednesday and then we had three very nice Red Letter Days. Eveyln took Caroline to the station in the morning. We had a very good supper at The Malt and Max Chenery came to stay.

Max schooled Morney Wing with Tommy on Gowanauthat on Thursday morning; they both got on well together. We had Simon and Marie for supper.

This morning I am riding out three lots as we have runners at Fakenham and Sandown. I am hoping that the ground will be OK. We have Morney Wing running in the Royal Artillery race today; we have won this race before, with Mr Big, so it would be nice if history could repeat itself! If Morney Wing gets the trip, he should run well in it, as long as the jockey does as he is told! We have two nice horses running at Fakenham; Expedite and Le Legro. If they cope with the ground, they should run nice races.

We are hoping to run Fine Parchment tomorrow at Wincanton and hope that the racing will be on!

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