Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The season finished at Sandown on Saturday and all the winners got their trophies for another year. Then yesterday the new season started which means we get one day off between seasons and l think it's crazy. In the old days we used to get June and July off and jockeys,trainers and staff could take their holidays then get ready for the new season which worked a lot better. Now everyone is under so much pressure to get winners that you cannot afford to get left behind and you find horses to run through the summer. Anyway after that moan we had our first runner of the new season yesterday in the very first race of the new season and managed to win it with American Gigolo so l was leading trainer for about half an hour! Our 25 club is going so well that l may have to start another and am thinking of calling it the Hot Tub Club. The members would have full access to my hot tub while watching the days racing and be served drinks by gorgeous women dressed in matching bikinis to that owners colours. We may even have the odd horse in the club as well! My ex once said to me'Now,which whip shall it be today?'she teased,licking her lips.'l don't know,'l said,'l just can't decide between banana and butterscotch.'

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