Monday, 21 November 2016

The week started well when I had two very nice fellas come down to see American Gigollo and subsequently bought him to stay in the yard . Good start to the week !
We schooled Fixed Rate and Apalis for the first time on Tuesday and they both jumped beautifully so they won't take long until they're going over the big ones .
My aga has been a bit dodgey so I had it serviced on Wednesday and now it is as good as new and the ovens are an awful lot warmer .
I donated a share in Cody Wyoming and a breakfast/ gallops to an auction for Shooting Star Chase which is a childrens hospice and they managed to make a total of £3600 for the pair . I received a very humbling letter from the head of fundraising for this charity and I must say that the next time I moan about a horse getting beat I will think about these poor kids and maybe that will put things into perspective .
We had a power cut on Thursday that affected the houses at the top of my property .I must say that Southern Electric were first class and got the job done by 1.30am but at about 3am we had a break in at the yard which caused a bit of damage as they broke in through three doors . The police were fantastic and said they would come round at 8pm on Monday night only three days after the crime had happened . I told them not to bother!
We had a lot of rain which means we can get on the grass gallops now which the horses love for a change and think its great fun.
We ran a nice horse at Ascot on Friday called Doolin who I thought would run well but he didn't get home as he displaced his palate.He is having a wind op today.
I had a lovely owner who came to see me on Saturday called David Barry and I told him I was looking for a new hunter.In the afternoon he rang me to say he had not only found one but also done the deal on it so he arrives this week.

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