Monday, 12 September 2016

On Thursday morning we schooled 7 horses with Harry Bannister, Tommy and Gavin Sheehan on board. After that Evelyn drove me to Southampton Airport and I flew to Biarritz. I met up with my Assistant Trainer Will Stuart and we drove to San Sebastian and found our accommodation.

On Friday morning I went to the racecourse to supervise Sureness stretching her legs. We had a very good lunch in the harbour with Paul Mott who owns the horse at our favourite restaurant La Rampa. The rain absolutely hammered it down and I think we knew what fate had in store for us.

We had another nice lunch in La Rampa on Saturday with Paul Webber and his owner David Higgins before we went to the racecourse as we were in a very late race. Unfortunately the rain had got in and all 3 British horses needed it fast so we all finished in the last 3 which was disappointing but we managed to make up for it in other ways.

The most important thing is the mare is ok and she arrives back today. All the other horses are fine and they will start doing a bit of work quite soon. We will make some entries for horses this week.

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